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There is a saying that goes, “you should eat to live and not live to eat.” What I believe the author of the quote forgot is the fact that eating is living. When I think about food, really delicious, amazing food, I most often find myself caught up in the association I hold for it; the company, the conversation, the temper. Anywhere we find celebrations, joy, laughter, and loud happy talking, food is sure to be within range. Food is what life is made of. But what makes food not just good, but amazing? Perhaps it’s the memories we make with it. Amazing food hits the soul differently. It reverberates on a cellular level. Amazing food is sensory. 


See, amazing food looks exciting and fresh yet reminiscent of your old favorites. It looks like smiles and dances in the living room. Amazing food looks like old friends back home to visit for the holidays and even new gestures of kindness from fresh bonds. It looks colorful and sexy, sophisticated and classy, but still, like home away from home. Amazing food looks like comfort, creativity and newness all in one snazzy little masterpiece. 


Amazing food sounds hot; it sizzles like fresh veggies dancing around in a smoking skillet. It sounds like friends laughing and music playing in the backyard, like happy squeals and the distinct pop of high-fives echoing in the kitchen over a job well done. Amazing food sounds like forks scraping the plate with neighbors asking for the recipe, and guests begging for seconds.


Amazing food feels good on the tongue. Ingeniously mixed textures give that perfect edible appeal. Amazing food comes from amazing ingredients that make you feel proud, and healthy, accomplished, and super content. Amazing food feels like strong handshakes at the next meet and greet. It feels like a warm breeze on the back deck by the grill, or as reassuring as a tight squeeze from a relative right before they take their wrapped plate to go. 


Amazing food smells, well… AMAZING! It smells of exotic seasoning blends and herbs and freshly chopped aromatics. It smells like a splash of lime juice here, and a dash of smoked paprika there, and oh, don’t forget the pinch of fresh grated ginger. Amazing food smells like a retreat from the problems of life, like the best, and lest we not forget the first, type of aromatherapy in the Universe.


So what does amazing food taste like you ask? The short answer is that it tastes like everything in this book. From Old Fashioned Pancakes to Pretty Frozen Fruit Cupcakes, every recipe evokes a certain level of amazing, but most importantly each recipe has the authority to fashion new amazing life experiences. So go ahead and chef up that Cinnamon French Toast at your son’s next sleep over, or make those Chicken Wings Pacifica at your friend’s baby shower, or try the Out-Of-This-World Cake at this year’s holiday gathering. Remember while you are cooking, eating, and undergoing the ultimate sensory experience, that creating amazing food is also the opportunity to create amazing memories.


From our hearts to yours,

Create Amazing


Five breakfast recipes, five appetizer recipes, five dinner recipes, and five dessert recipes!

Create Amazing Cook Book (eBook)

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